Leave me,buggers!

21 Mar

This entry is not meant for everybody as it mainly expresses and conveys my recent disappointment. For those who are interested and experienced with this problem, you are warmly and kindly invited.  

Any good-Samaritan out there can solve this problem? I wish someone would…

Frankly say, I can’t endure this anymore, any longer. Some of my friends also share the same agony…

Personally, I’m tired of your omnipresence…
The further I try to run away, the closer you are behind me…

How I wish you know my true feelings towards you…

Deep inside my heart, I wish you are out of my sight, out of my mind…

If only you know how much I hate you…

Don’t challenge me to be brutal!

Hey, since when I told you to observe me round the clock? You better watch and think of yourself first! Or else if you still insist, please, with all my heart, get out of my life! Be the paparazzi for another, but not me, please. I never appeal so much like this, just like a maniac I am, huh?

You bypass the border all over again. Every time you follow me. Every moment you keep me company until I myself can’t see my friends happily. Even when I’m on the phone speaking to my friend, you eagerly stare at me and listen to everything, right? 

Can you stop being a rubberneck? Since morning, you are always the first. You are earlier than my friends who used to call me to the class. Indeed, I do hate your call. 

Oh my God, if it’s permitted to kill extensively, you are the 1st list among others.
Yes, no doubt about that. Well, thanks to Raid Max creator for such a nice innovation for cockroaches poison. With that amazing creation, my load has been reduced. 

But still, recently they are back from somewhere surviving in my room. I’m totally shocked, as I and my roommate keep ensuring that our room condition is always at its best, tip top class. Considering the condition of my room and my friends’, it’s not obligatory that they love dirty places. 

I know this has been the epidemic for the 1st hostel. It’s meaningless if I manage to eradicate their presence but some are still lack of awareness. Some are good enough for realizing the fact that we live together, and the cleanliness is all that matters. Sadly, some are still blur and not even recovered from their own hallucination. Got intoxication by medication? =p

I’ve already flipped through for all possible ways to deter their persistence on the internet. However, it seems to me that it’s incurable, yes, I’m kind of hopeless for the time being. I wonder if there’s effective control for total-cockroaches-clearance. Well, let’s the time decides everything and I’m so not keen to see them spreading at all the places in the hostel. That’s why I’m hoping for someone who can come up with some resolutions. Thus, what should I do in the first place? Any suggestion guys? Yours are greatly appreciated. (^-^)


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6 responses to “Leave me,buggers!

  1. ixora

    March 21, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    Kamu ni marah kat sape sebenarnya? sori la.. akak tak baper paham bahasa uganda ni. ehehe

    marahkan lipas eh? (sori.. ni kes baca sepintas lalu) 😆

  2. amycheali85

    March 23, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    hahaha..saba kamil.baru lipas tue.hostel 3 siap “cik ti” datang bertandang tiap2 malam.hehe…keep up a nice clean room k! me either dont like those who messed up the kitchen n room =)

  3. 7t

    March 23, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    wahaha..bilik i macam 5 star hotel..never has a day passed since lasr year that i hv not seen at least 1 a day..dulu satu ekor pun takde..sekarang, isy isy..ntah berapa all-time favorite pastime..biler biler masa i nampak seekor, seliparku setia menanti..especially malam malam biler die orang keluar dating, haha..sebelum balik this time, satu bilik i nak letak racun lipas..that way, my foodstuff takkan spoil..

  4. amycheali85

    March 23, 2008 at 10:52 pm


  5. kamilsifu

    March 27, 2008 at 6:55 pm

    ixora: memang pun kak rama2..tak tahan sangat dah..membiak2..huhu..

    amycheali: kadang2 mmg xboleh nak sabar kak amy..balik kls ade lipas..bangun tidur lipas merayap..huhu..dulu2 ada gak cik ti kat hostel ni..memang peliklah..bukannya kotor pun..cuma ‘mereka’ ni berhijrah dari tempat2 lain..bilik2 kami jgk yg jd mangsa..=(

    7t: hehe..xsangka u macam tu..siap selipar lagi..hehe..i kalau nampak pijak terus..tahan je geli tu..lepas tu siap sedut guna vacum lagi..yang peliknya konco2nyer banyak lagi..siap masa study boleh ‘berdating’ kat dinding lagi..tanpa segan silu i ketuk dua2..terpaksa berlaku kejam..=]

  6. judin

    April 10, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    huhu…lepas baca komen2 tu, barulah paham bahawasanya kamu ni marah kat lipas..hoho..b4 this aku ingatkan ko marah kat sape2.


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