Am i useless? -Still, you have that positive traits!

16 Mar

Have you ever thought that you are useless,because of you being inferior from others? Have you ever felt totally depressed because you keep comparing yourself with your friends? You wish you’re clever like him, you wish you’re a pretty girl like her, you wish you got nice voice like an artist, you wish your hands are skillful like your father, and the wishes go on. At the same time you never think of your distinction. Well, people, let’s consider our positive and negative traits. 

It is undeniably true, that we were born with different characters in different surroundings. Some were lucky enough to be born in a wealthy, happy family, and some were born in poor, miserable condition.  

Despite all the positive and negative traits that you acquire, do you realize that those traits are God’s, which are borrowed temporarily for you? Let’s envisage together. You keep complaining, why weren’t you born in a rich family with handsome face, high IQ and you can easily grab everyone’s attention. You continue sighing, that you are more stupid than your friend, you aren’t handsome or pretty enough and plus, you don’t have money to blind others. You keep blaming God for being unfair without any hesitation. Well, you are absolutely wrong! 

Thinking of this, do you notice how fair the God is? He created us equally, without one being superior from another. That’s just my personal opinion. Sometimes I do contrast myself with my friends, with full of dissatisfaction, hopelessness, why I was born like this and not like that, etc. Human can’t stop grumbling, huh? =p 

Nevertheless, after thinking out this way, I feel much better and keep my self-esteem up as well. Yes, it’s true that some are luckier than others. Yet, I think God created us just the same. For instance, you know that a friend of yours is clever, handsome or pretty, was born in a rich family, while you are just in the opposite traits of him or her.  

However, do you have an idea that your clever, handsome or pretty friend doesn’t know how to sing a song nicely, due to the fact that their voice is terrible, and maybe they can’t even fry an egg properly (you give his or her your high expectation of cooking some sumptuous food for you), they don’t know how to draw a nice picture as their hands keep twitching when holding a paint brush, and they can’t adroitly operate a system or install a program in computer! On the contrary, you can simply do the jobs as easy as ABC. Well, a plus point for you. Have you ever realized that you are so great? No better kudos could have been bestowed. No regret at all! 

Then, of course you know a person who used to be very great in sports, but very bad in academic achievement at school, and vice versa, and you might be one of them. Well, do you want to complain and being crestfallen? No need, not necessary indeed!  

This would be more interesting. Let’s consider handicap person. They don’t have enough sense to lead their normal life, sadly to say. In fact, I think everyone notices how meticulously, skillfully and creative they are in hand-made works; be it carving a statue out of stone, drawing a picture using feet or mouth, and so forth. If it were you, can you design such a nice masterpiece or engraving or whatsoever created by the unlucky one?  

Friends, you have enough sense; two eyes to see, two ears to hear, one mouth to talk, one nose to smell and enough fingers to touch and hold things. Being in that perfect condition, supposed you can create something much greater than those people. 

As I mentioned before, God is fair. Maybe they are blind, but their brains aren’t blind. Maybe they are deaf, but their hands aren’t deaf. Have you ever heard about Bobbie Meriwether, a deaf pianist? She’s very astonishing person, isn’t she? Our logical thinking can’t accept the fact that a deaf person can still play the piano. What, we might wonder, rhythm of music would she produce? Even a normal person might not have the ability to play the piano. Well, it’s all God’s works! 

Yes, God is fair. Only you know yourself better than others, and of course, only you know your own potential and weakness. While others keep blaming and are in the state of down-in-the-mouth, why should you be part of them? Instead, keep your spirit and moral up. Don’t ever think that you are sub-par, inferior from your friends.

You actually have something that maybe you still haven’t caught it on. You have great hands to play musical instruments, you have great tongue to taste various foods and thus, cooking a nice dish, you always got nice ideas that everyone is waiting for, and you got active and healthy body that not everyone possesses. Faster, find them out! 

Remember that everyone is created for complementary of others, just like a jigsaw puzzle. That’s why we have our own good characters. Even if you are poor, you’re stupid or you aren’t pretty, believe me, you must have something that you enjoy that makes you superb as others. That’s why I think and believe that everyone was born equally and lucky. Hence, just bear in mind that God is fair. No more down after this, okay? =] 


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6 responses to “Am i useless? -Still, you have that positive traits!

  1. kucing

    March 16, 2008 at 10:23 am

    “a person who used to be very great in sports, but very bad in academic achievement at school, and vice versa”
    i dun really agree with that, coz i know quite a number of people who is great in both…

  2. judin

    March 16, 2008 at 11:53 am

    tiada org yg sempurna. kalau pun mereka tampak sempurna pada pandangan mata kita, tp aku yakin sekurang2nya ada jugak sedikit kecacatan pd diri nya. Mustahil ada org full 100% sempurna dari segi fizikal, minda dan rohani. Ini semua berdasarkan pengalaman la. tak penah lagi aku tjumpa ngan golongan2 ‘sempurna’ yg langsung xde cacat cela. haha.

  3. 7t

    March 16, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    ah..well said..though sometimes we all have the urge to complain n complain non-stop..lets jus say that its a way of lettin out pent-up emotions..on the other hand, we all strive to be better than we are now..otherwise, we wud end up bein where we r forever or in a worse situation than, i guess that comparing urself to others is good if it will encourage urself to do something to make urself a better person, which is wat we all want..but in that journey of self-discovery and self-‘remodelling’, one shud not forget that u r meant to be wat u r n no other person can be like u no matter how hard they try..kudos 🙂

  4. ixora

    March 16, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    hmm,setuju dan tak setuju.

    what if, if we could not find something special in ourself?

    i don’t blame anyone but it’s kinda sad when you’re just not like the others who are rich, pretty and brilliant than you?

  5. kawaii_desu

    March 16, 2008 at 4:19 pm

    salam ziarah…
    well sudah jadi lumra manusia to say that green is always greener on the other side…

    if only we can embrace our imperfection well… takde lah depressed sangat…


  6. hairieusoff

    March 17, 2008 at 3:31 am

    yeap..i do agree The God is fair wit ev’body..n thatz is y nobodyz perfect..

    anyway, its a colour of life, if u get all the good thang, life might be bored, doncha?


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