Lecture;between prerequisite and affliction.

23 Feb

First of all, I think I’m not too late to wish ‘Happy Men’s Day’ to me and all men out there. Yes, this is not celebrated in the whole globe on the same day, but in Russia, it’s celebrated on 23rd February annually, as an appreciation for  men who  protect the country with their fortitude. In Nizhny Novgorod, girls and women would be able to kiss the armies at Minina Square. Did you grab the opportunity today? =p 

It’s blissful when Saturday is holiday. Tell you, I would not be able to cherish my Saturday morning after this as I have 3 hours of tiring Hygiene lecture. The schedule is very unreasonable and weird, because we still have Hygiene lecture every 2 weeks on Friday. What a hectic life! Thanks to Men’s Day for today’s break, I should credit. 

By the way, the word ‘lecture’ which comes to my mind all of a sudden gives me idea what to write about. In this entry, I would love to tell about reasons given by students for going or not going to lecture. So, here we go. Lecture 

10 reasons for not going to lecture: 

1. The bed is welcoming us. While some students are fighting a battle with drowsiness in the lecture hall, the rest are simply dozing off in their lovely room. What’s the point of going lecture if lecturer’s voice is such a lullaby?

2. Animes, series, movies and games, are much tempting. Compared to the tedious lecture, it’s better to entertain ourselves. Well, all work and no play makes Jake a dull boy!

3. Lecturer’s presentation isn’t attention-grabbing. This fact, sadly to say, is true indeed, especially if the lecturer has the problem with English language for instance, or maybe he or she is kind of self-absorption, they just explain this and that without knowing how students react and response to them. Students don’t know what they are babbling about in front and as a consequence, students usually tend to turn a deaf ear by listening to mp3, playing bingo or drawing a masterpiece at the back.

4. Friends are very supportive! Students have many reliable friends who are willing to do them a favor by lending their notes. They can copy the lecture in about 1 hour or less during the weekend, while their loyal friends listen to lecturer for about 2 hours.

5. The time is very demanding. Countless of tasks to be finished, tests around the corner are such a stress. Students afraid if they fritter away their time at the lecture, they’ll have not enough time to finish up their works and revisions. This is so true for those who are so-called last minute students.

6. Students hate to travel a lot. Since the buildings are not easily reachable, for example in my academy where I’m studying, it takes about 40 minutes from hostel to the hospital where the lecture takes place, students end up going home or shopping. Plus, students can cut down their budget on traveling by bus as well.

7. Hate being called an introvert. Some students usually have their friends wherever they go. When there’s a situation where their best friend has an appointment or their friend is sick, they also become ‘sick’ spontaneously, thus escaping the lecture.

8. The subject is not an exam subject. Seeing that, students just take it easy and always make fun of other students who attend the lecture. “What’s a big deal with non exam subject?” they might ask.

9. “We are tired, mentally and physically”. This is the reason usually uttered by students, usually if they have class from early in the morning and while they even can’t take a short nap, why should they force themselves in the crowded hypoxic hall? Likewise, their stomach keeps gurgling, begging for food.

10. Students don’t have enthusiasm to study at all. For them, those who go to the lecture are losers and boring. To top it all, they think studying is a heavy burden to bear. They are bluntly jaded with all those kinds of mental tortures.

Well, enough with the negative reasons. Now is the list for positive reasons.

10 reasons for going to lecture:

1. The information given by lecturers is not usually written in the book. Instead, they tend to give us the info based on their own research, experience and knowledge.

2. Lecturers are strict enough and students will ‘die’ if they try to escape. Since attendance is compulsory and lecturers like to check the presence of the students (students can’t ask their friends to mark their name), they come on their own.

3. Important inputs. The examples given, like X-ray pictures, electrocardiogram, etc aren’t worthless to see. No one can copy these kinds of materials, so for those who are present at the lecture, are lucky.

4. Exam related stuffs. Lecturers sometimes emphasize on exam questions during the lecture, in addition to tips and clues about exam. Students realize that lecturers are primary source of the aforesaid tips. Due to the fact that students are sick of getting much wrong information from their friends, again and again, they come to the lecture to listen directly, just for own satisfaction.

5. Lazy to rewrite the lecture from friends. Some of students can’t read the photocopied version of lecture, as a result of various types of handwriting, and the wrong information. Besides, students don’t have to rewrite the lecture while the time can be saved for other enjoyments like watching movies, hanging out with friends, etc.

6. Being haunted by lecturer’s threat. They warn constantly that students who skip lecture will be punished with a lot of extra questions during examination. This is yet unclear, because lecturers might use this threat just to encourage students to attend the lecture. Ever since students don’t like to put themselves at risk, yes, extra questions are terrifying, they do come to lecture.

7. Good students. These students know that lecture is a method of learning and they’ll humbly feel sorry for lecturers if they miss the lecture intentionally.

8. Some students like to show off and ingratiate. I mean, they want their presence is noticeable by other people, especially their lecturers.  By brown nosing, they dream of getting attention from the lecturers, and to some extends, they do hope for an easy exam.

9. Inspiring friends. Sometimes, you are what your friends are. The students, who put themselves in the circle of positive friends, would be stimulated continuously, to study together, to go to the lecture together, etc.

10. Students are in love, with lecture? Haha. Not really. Actually, I am referring to couple who can see each other during lecture. This is reasonable as well, in spite of being separated by different class or group, they still can face to face with their soul mate. How sweet, huh?

Personally, I just follow the flow. Sometimes turn to the right, sometimes turn to the left. When I’m depressed with current situation, for example maybe I’m moody or I have appointment with my dentist, I’ll skip the lecture without fear. However, going to lecture is a must for some reasons, such as worried being blacklisted by lecturers, and to gain knowledge by my own.

Whatever it is, people still have their own reasons for behaving the way they choose. The choice is yours to make. Hence, which side are you on? =]


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5 responses to “Lecture;between prerequisite and affliction.

  1. hairieusoff

    February 24, 2008 at 7:29 am

    hemph..tidak tahu pun ada men’s day….. nak buat apa masa time ni ye…

  2. shahrulnizam

    February 24, 2008 at 11:11 am

    ” Lecturer’s presentation isn’t attention-grabbing.”

    haha.. i am strongly agree wit dis statement.. Other than qualification,lectures must posses a very good comm skill to make d lectures interesting to listen to..ape pown, attending lecture is still a must no matter how boring d lecture is..wee

    nwei, slm kenal..tans singgah yer!

  3. judin

    February 25, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    hi kamil. previous sem,i seldom attendd lectures.why? my reason isn’t included in your 10 reasons. it’s because im not able to write fast to catch up with lecturers’ babbling. so, i decided not to go, then just copy lec from those who attended. a pretty innocent reason rite for not going to lec? kekekeke.can;t blame me for being a slow writer.hehe.

  4. 7t

    February 26, 2008 at 10:47 pm

    wah..ko banyak sangat pikir..haha..keep it up..i enjoy reading ur entries especially bile mood i tak betul sikit n bile i ade mb untuk dibelanja..

  5. kamilsifu

    March 1, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    Hairieusoff: Haha.Aku pun tak tahu nak buat apa.Hari tu pun aku tidur saja,cuti katakan.

    Shahrulnizam: Ya,kena datang lecture juga walaupun kadang-kadang malas.=p

    Judin: Yup, thanks for adding up the reason. Indeed, it’s true. Sometimes i also cant catch up with some lecturers.=(

    7t: Hehe,thanks for reading ya. Tak sangka ko habiskan Mb dengan berkunjung ke blog ni.Sungguh terharu.=p


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