Nightmare Of Forgetfulness

20 Feb

“Just forget it”

“Learn to forgive and forget”

I’m pretty sure everyone has ever heard of these sayings, which reflect the essence of forgetting and not-to-remember. Being intrigued by ‘forgetfulness’, here I bring up the issue. 

Alhamdulillah, I passed my Internal Medicine test yesterday. The best thing was, I managed to answer the questions given in a breeze, and thank God I didn’t blank out. The worst thing, as I’m experiencing right now is, I’m drowning into the state of being oblivious. 

I’m not sure how much information left in my head as I spit them out. What I’m sure about is my head feels light, empty and now the information I’m trying to dig up has gone, little by little. For sure, I’m not even contented with this malady. I wish the memories can remain longer. 

Now I’m mentioning this, not because of me falling short. Simply, I’m sick of forgetfulness. Yesterday the memory still lingered in us, but tomorrow the memory will, somehow, disappear. So here’s the question; why do we forget actually? 

Some say that we forget because we aren’t interested to roll up the info. Others brilliantly suggest that our brain spaces aren’t enough to save the memory. Logically, we can avoid being forgetting by repetition over and over again, thus, the memory is built up.  

Regardless of what the opinion or research or theory says about being forgetting, I still curious about one thing; why, I dreadfully inquire, must we forget?  

Is it because with forgetfulness, we’ll push on struggling to remember? Is it because if everyone can remember everything from A to Z, there are no obstacles at all, hereby, our life turns into monotony as it could be? 

On the contrary, we can vividly remember the things that should’ve been erased from our cerebrum. For instance, we want the presence of our first love to be blotted out. In spite of the attempt, the memory still chases after us and you are about to give up, as if you want to yell, “Stop following me!” 

Similarly, you wish to delete the image of your wicked enemies from your mind, as their existence just burns you up. Unfortunately, the more you try to forget, the more you are to fail. Alas, we aren’t given the ultimate power of rubbing those traces off. 

Forgetfulness is awfully a nightmare, and no one, perhaps, could understand it. You got what I mean, right? 

Hence, while we are pushing ourselves to remember the things we want to remember and forgetting the things we want to forget, what happens to our mind actually? 


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4 responses to “Nightmare Of Forgetfulness

  1. tiffany

    February 20, 2008 at 8:53 pm

    hye kamil….. kak atun ni… nice blog u got here…!!! keep it up….

  2. shahrin salleh

    February 23, 2008 at 12:11 am

    mende la ko merapik ni mil? hehe. xde la. betul2. ak bersetuju… komen~

  3. kamilsifu

    February 23, 2008 at 12:38 am

    tiffany: thanks a lot.Really appreciate it.

    shahrin salleh: hehe,cuma sedikit ‘tension’ bila apa yang diharapkan lupa tak boleh nak lupa (tapi tak berkaitan dgn contoh tu =p), benda yang nak ingat tak lekat2.huhu.tapi memang merapu pun.hehe.

  4. Zahidah Sharif

    February 23, 2008 at 3:44 am

    nice story.. hehe biasala tuh… kita makin lama makin tua bukannye muda.. tp apepun setiap benda ada cara… ^_^


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