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Lecture;between prerequisite and affliction.

First of all, I think I’m not too late to wish ‘Happy Men’s Day’ to me and all men out there. Yes, this is not celebrated in the whole globe on the same day, but in Russia, it’s celebrated on 23rd February annually, as an appreciation for  men who  protect the country with their fortitude. In Nizhny Novgorod, girls and women would be able to kiss the armies at Minina Square. Did you grab the opportunity today? =p 

It’s blissful when Saturday is holiday. Tell you, I would not be able to cherish my Saturday morning after this as I have 3 hours of tiring Hygiene lecture. The schedule is very unreasonable and weird, because we still have Hygiene lecture every 2 weeks on Friday. What a hectic life! Thanks to Men’s Day for today’s break, I should credit. 

By the way, the word ‘lecture’ which comes to my mind all of a sudden gives me idea what to write about. In this entry, I would love to tell about reasons given by students for going or not going to lecture. So, here we go. Lecture 

10 reasons for not going to lecture: 

1. The bed is welcoming us. While some students are fighting a battle with drowsiness in the lecture hall, the rest are simply dozing off in their lovely room. What’s the point of going lecture if lecturer’s voice is such a lullaby? Read the rest of this entry »


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Nightmare Of Forgetfulness

“Just forget it”

“Learn to forgive and forget”

I’m pretty sure everyone has ever heard of these sayings, which reflect the essence of forgetting and not-to-remember. Being intrigued by ‘forgetfulness’, here I bring up the issue. 

Alhamdulillah, I passed my Internal Medicine test yesterday. The best thing was, I managed to answer the questions given in a breeze, and thank God I didn’t blank out. The worst thing, as I’m experiencing right now is, I’m drowning into the state of being oblivious. 

I’m not sure how much information left in my head as I spit them out. What I’m sure about is my head feels light, empty and now the information I’m trying to dig up has gone, little by little. For sure, I’m not even contented with this malady. I wish the memories can remain longer. 

Now I’m mentioning this, not because of me falling short. Simply, I’m sick of forgetfulness. Yesterday the memory still lingered in us, but tomorrow the memory will, somehow, disappear. So here’s the question; why do we forget actually? Read the rest of this entry »


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Seks dengan robot.Kemaruk sangatkah manusia?

Kelak tidak perlu pergi jauh untuk melempiaskan nafsu.’Buat’ dengan robot,sudah jadi. Pasti ada yang sudah membaca berita ini.Jika belum,klik di sini.  

Apa sajalah yang tak boleh dibuat sekarang ni.Seks pun boleh dengan robot.Di mana letaknya moral manusia kini? 

Lepas baca berita ni,terfikir pelbagai kemungkinan yang bakal berlaku. Read the rest of this entry »


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Jalan-jalan Turki

Alhamdulillah,setelah sekian lama blog ni tak terurus,kini tibalah masa untuk aku membelainya kembali.Lama tak bertuan blog ni.Hampir 2 minggu aku ke Turki.Lepas balik ke Rusia,aku nak cepat-cepat kemas kini blog ni.Tapi apakan daya,internet pula bermasalah.Bila internet dah boleh guna, kredit pula habis.Tambahan pula,sekarang ni sem baru dah bermula.Aku pula memulakan cabaran sem baru dengan cycle subjek berat,Internal Medicine.Lagilah tak sempat nak uruskan blog ni.Tapi aku curi-curi masa,sempat jugalah nak tulis entri ni. 

Jadi kali ni aku nak kongsi pasal percutian aku ke Turki selama 11 hari 10 malam,dari 25 Januari hingga 4 Febuari lepas.Memandangkan entri kali ini lebih memaparkan perkongsian pengalaman secara peribadi berbanding pendapat mahupun perbincangan,ianya kelihatan sedikit suram dan mungkin hanya difahami secara jelas oleh mereka yang terlibat sahaja.Namun,aku cuba juga untuk memberi input sedikit sebanyak,kalau-kalau ada yang tertarik untuk melawat Turki nanti.Kali ni aku tulis panjang sangat.Geram jari jemari aku lama tak tekan keyboard.Lagipun saja tulis sebagai kenangan.Hehe.Terpulang untuk baca atau tidak.Nak tengok gambar saja pun boleh.Percuma pastinya. =] Read the rest of this entry »


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