Jalan-jalan Jerman,Republik Czech,Hungary dan Austria VI-Munich dan Berlin


Kami bertolak ke Munich dengan menaiki kereta api pada pagi 9 Julai. Tiba sekitar jam 10 pagi di Munich, dan terus cari Easy Palace City Hostel untuk check in.

Memandangkan tidak banyak masa diperuntukkan di Munich, kami hanya pergi ke tempat-tempat yang berhampiran saja. Antaranya ialah Old and New Town Hall di Marientplatz, gereja Frauenkirche, Residenz, yang merupakan bangunan kerajaan dan Maximilianeum, bangunan parlimen negeri .



Di Marienplatz...jangan fokus kepada 'minah' itu ya! =p

'Patung' yang bergerak jika dihulurkan wang.Hehe.

Seniman jalanan~




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End of surgery cycle….(as a medical student)

Today is the end of my surgery cycle, which marks the beginning of many-things-to-study-internal medicine cycle.

We have successfully covered several topics in this three weeks duration cycle,which include:
*Peripheral arterial disease
*Deep Vein Thrombosis
*Varicose vein
*Pulmonary Embolism
*Fistula in ano
*Anal fissure
*Inflammatory Bowel Disease
*Intestinal Obstruction
*Colorectal cancer
*Thyroid gland diseases-neoplasms,hypo and hyperthyroidism.

It seems a lot, but trust me I did not have enough of surgery. Some diseases which are not listed here were supposed to be covered during last semester, but unfortunately we got a surgeon who didn’t teach, and all that we did was to watch the barely able to see kind of surgery for the whole one month duration!

Luckily we get Denis Sergeevich Ledaev for this semester, who stimulates and gives us topic to study, guides us with differential diagnosis for diseases and shows many X-Ray and CT scan films to us.

Everyday we discuss the topics given, see the patients and watch operation, be it from video or live performance by our surgeons. The operations that we had watched for this semester were:
*Partial nephrectomy
*Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
*Inguinal Hernia repair
*Varicocele repair

The most memorable moment during this cycle was I got the opportunity to assist in orthopedic surgery twice. It happened in one fine day when we were watching almost-nothing-you-can-see-partial nephrectomy, one nurse from another operation theatre called someone for help in orthopedic surgery. At first I thought she was talking to the nurse or surgeon in charge. But after being sure that she was frantically searching for a student, I offered myself without much hesitation.

Then she asked me whether I ever assisted in any operations before, and I just nodded yes and explained to her that I assisted during my third year, which was three years ago and my function that time was to pull the retractor and made one suture only. I was nervous if the surgeon expected too much from me since I’m now a final year student, hence the clarity was given.

After thoroughly washing my hand according to standard procedure, the nurses helped me to put on the sterile gown and gloves, and there I was, being the second assistant for knee joint replacement surgery. That time my role was still the same, to pull the retractor and suck the blood.

I was really thrilled with that kind of surgery because I had never seen any live orthopedic surgery last year during whole orthopedic cycle. And somehow it brought back my old sweet memories of living skill lesson. I mean with the knocking hammer sound and blood splashed into my face after bone drilling (I’m not joking) was really cool. It’s really different from what I usually see in other types of operation-with only incising the skin, muscle, suturing here and there, closing back, that’s all. Definitely not so fast and furious as orthopedic surgery is.

If you ever thought that pulling the retractor and sucking the blood has a minor role here, let me make it clear that it actually serves a paramount importance in any surgery. Surgery team is a real team where if you put one zero inside, the result will obviously be zero! If you follow Japanese series Team Medical Dragon, you will understand how everyone in a surgery team cooperates and plays an important role.

Any delay in my action would delay the surgeon’s action as well, for example if I didn’t widen the operative field by pulling the retractor, the surgeon would have difficult time in viewing the organs. It’s the same if I didn’t suck the accumulated blood from the bleeding site, it will hinder the surgeon’s view as well. I had to catch up really fast with the faster surgeon. Being an amateur there, I realized how every nanosecond was so vital for the outcome of the surgery.

And after that time I also realized how 3 hours of standing to perform a surgery is not tiring at all, compared to 30 minutes of watching  i-have-no-idea-what-the-surgeon-is-doing-surgery. It’s because once we stand near the operative table, we bear such a huge responsibility and stay focus all the time, until we reach one point where we don’t notice the clock is ticking.

On the next day, Ledaev called me and my friend to the operation theatre all of a sudden after clerking a patient. We had no idea why only two of us were being called. Apparently the orthopedic surgeon still wanted a student to assist him for another knee joint replacement surgery. That time I gave my friend the chance because I already had the experience, but since they needed 2 students, I didn’t give a second thought.

This time was much harder since it’s performed on an obese patient. To keep the knee flexed was not an easy task. Try to imagine how manpower (us plus the first assistant that made us 3 altogether) still can’t manage to keep the heavy limb in a proper flexed position. And that time the surgeon was so angry with us (including his first assistant) for not able to support the knee. Haha, it didn’t infuriate me at all because I did understand enough how the slightest mistake may cause the patient unable to walk later on.

For me, being an orthopedic surgeon doesn’t only need you to be skillful, but the most important thing is to be accurate and meticulous. The slightest mistake in nailing a screw would cause a great catastrophe to a patient. The slight diverted angle for inserting the prosthetic joint may cause them to be malfunction. Maybe I should consider being an orthopedist? Em, I wonder! It still can’t surpass my passion in neurology. Hehe.

On another hand, I think anesthesiologist is the coolest person in the operation theatre. Since I was a second year student where I watch the first surgery, I never saw any anesthesiologist making a stern looking face, unlike some nurses. And they are not cocky like some surgeons, I may add. But I’m not interested in doing their job, because I prefer to diagnose a disease over narcotizing a patient. =p

In short, I really enjoyed this cycle and learned a lot compared to last semester. Hopefully this spirit and momentum will last till the end of the semester.=]


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Jalan-jalan Jerman, Republik Czech, Hungary dan Austria V-Salzburg


Perjalanan diteruskan ke Salzburg. Sedar tak sedar, kehangatan melampau musim panas lepas telah berjaya menggelapkan kulit aku. Manakan tidak, dari pagi ke petang berjemur di bawah matahari. Kadang-kadang saja pakai topi. Losyen antiUV pun tak pakai. Ah, macamlah putih sangat! =p

Di Salzburg kami menginap di Yoho International Youth Hostel. Tidak menjadi masalah untuk mencari hostel tu dari stesyen kereta api. Kebetulan ketika itu seorang pelancong dari China turut mencari hostel yang sama, maka kerja menjadi lebih mudah. Sepakat membawa berkat, kata orang.

Di hostel tu boleh beli Salzburg Youth Card. Macam biasa banyak keistimewaan dengan adanya kad tu, terutamanya pengangkutan awam percuma dan diskaun di kebanyakan tempat menarik.

Usai check in kami terus menuju ke Mozart’s Birth House. Sajalah nak tengok kan. Dulu bila di Switzerland terkilan bila rumah Albert Einstein ditutup ketika kami tiba. Sekarang ada peluang tengok rumah Mozart, apa lagi! Hehe. Rumah tu berfungsi sebagai muzeum sekarang, jadi bolehlah nak selidik sejarah hidup Mozart.

Tidak hairanlah Mozart hebat, rupa-rupanya latar belakang keluarganya juga adalah pemuzik. Kehebatan Mozart terserlah sejak kecil sehingga berjaya menggubah lagu seawal usia lima tahun!


Mozart's Birth House

Geografi Salzburg yang bergunung ganang serta air sungainya yang hijau mengingatkan kami kepada Switzerland. Tenang, aman, damai! Subhanallah.



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Jalan-jalan Jerman, Republik Czech, Hungary dan Austria IV-Vienna


Malam 4 Julai, kami berlepas ke Vienna, Austria dari Budapest yang mengambil masa selama 3 jam. Kami tiba di Viena lebih kurang 11 malam 4 Julai tu. Kalau ikut perancangan awal, nak merempat di stesyen bas saja.

Akan tetapi, keadaan tidak mengizinkan kami untuk tidur di situ memandangkan stesyen basnya sedang dinaiktaraf T_T  Kami cuba pergi ke Do Step Inn, hostel yang kami tempah di internet untuk 5 dan 6 Julai. Malangnya bilik penuh pula. Maka terpaksalah kami mencari hotel murah lain untuk tidur pada malam itu.

Cari punya cari, hotel mahal juga yang available, yang menawarkan  50 Euro untuk satu malam. Disebabkan terdesak, kami pun pasrah sajalah. (Ini rahsia, sila jangan beritahu famili aku.Haha =p).

Rasa rugi ke? Tak pun, sebab perancangan Allah juga yang terbaik. Siapa tahu kalau boleh tidur di stesyen bas tu barang-barang kami dicuri. Sia-sia saja beli kristal dan t-shirt di Prague dan Budapest kalau macam tu. Allah lebih mengetahui kan. Dia saja suruh kami tidur di tempat yang lebih selesa. =)

Esok paginya barulah check out dari hotel mewah tu, dan kembali ke Do Step Inn. Settle semua, barulah senang hati nak berjalan. Berbekalkan peta dari Do Step Inn, kami terus ke Austrian Parliament dan Rathauz dengan menaiki subway. Bila fikir-fikir balik, baru aku sedar yang aku tak pernah pergi pun Parlimen Malaysia, dan aku tak pasti adakah ia dibuka untuk tujuan pelancongan.=p


Austrian Parliament

Austrian Parliament dari tepi



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Jalan-jalan Jerman,Republik Czech,Hungary dan Austria III-Budapest


Kami meneruskan perjalanan ke Budapest,Hungary dengan bas pada malam 2 Julai. Perjalanan mengambil masa lebih kurang 6 jam, jadi kami sampai awal pagi di Budapest dan terpaksa ‘merempat’ dulu di stesyen bas sebelum boleh check in di City Hostel Pest. T_T

Jika tak ada langsung duit Hungary (Forint), baik withdraw di stesyen bas dulu. Mereka TIDAK menerima USD dan Euro.  Nanti tak pasal-pasal  ada hal kecemasan terpaksa ditunda disebabkan tak ada duit Forint. Ish, macam ada kes pula!=p

Aku syorkan juga supaya beli Budapest Card di stesyen bas tu, sebab banyak potongan harga untuk tempat-tempat menarik dan boleh menaiki pengangkutan awam secara percuma. Kami beli untuk tempoh 48 jam, harganya 6300 Forint (lebih kurang RM100).  Tak adalah mahal kalau nak banding kena bayar penuh untuk masuk setiap tempat kan?

Budapest terdiri daripada dua bandar yang berbeza, Buda dan Pest yang dihubungkan dengan Chain Bridge.  Sama kes macam Lesser Town dan Old Town di Prague.

Chain Bridge

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Jalan-jalan Jerman, Republik Czech,Hungary dan Austria II-Prague


Kami ke Prague, ibu negara Republik Czech dari Berlin dengan menaiki bas pada malam 28 Jun. Sengaja ambil bas malam supaya boleh terus tidur, jimat duit untuk hotel.

Sampai saja pagi 29 Jun,terus check in di Hostel Palmovka. Aku memang syorkan hostel ni, sebab amat selesa dan murah. Harganya aku tak ingat, tapi seingat aku memang murah. Jangan segan silu untuk google bagi mendapatkan kepastian. =]

Antara tarikan utama di Prague ialah Charles Bridge, jambatan terkenal  yang menghubungkan Lesser Town dan Old Town. Memang meriah habis atas jambatan tu, penuh dengan pelukis potret, pemuzik, dan penjual cenderamata. Kalau berminat, duduklah depan mana-mana pelukis, terus tangan diorang laju je! Oh, tidak dilupakan pengemis jalanan yang turut serta!

Semasa kami ke sana, ada pameran berhampiran Charles Bridge mengenai sejarah penciptaannya, sehinggalah kepada proses pembaikan semula jambatan itu. Nampak saja utuh, tapi siapa sangka sebenarnya ia sudah beberapa kali musnah dan dibaiki semula disebabkan banjir. Em,Hitler pun pernah menyeberangi jambatan itu bersama-sama tenteranya masa zaman nazi dulu.


Charles Bridge dari jauh...

Charles Bridge yang meriah...


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Jalan-jalan Jerman,Republik Czech,Hungary dan Austria I-Berlin

Saja nak rakamkan kenangan bercuti di Jerman, Republik Czech, Hungary  dan Austria musim panas lepas dalam blog ni. Patutnya lama dah tulis, tapi biasalah, bertangguh sokmo!

Suka aku nak ingatkan yang aku ni bukannya pakar bab-bab berjalan ni. Aku tulis ni pun niat untuk kongsi saja. Jadi kepada yang baca entri ni, janganlah tanya lebih-lebih macam aku ni duta pelancongan pula. Sebab ada banyak komen yang aku tak approve dalam entri Jalan-Jalan Turki dan Switzerland tu, sebab soalannya yang tak tercapai dek akal nak jawab. Hehe.

Ok, berbeza dengan percutian-percutian sebelum ni pada musim sejuk, ni kali pertamalah aku jejak Eropah pada musim panas. Itu pun sebab musim sejuk tahun lepas aku tak pergi mana-mana. Rasanya tahun ni pun macam tu juga, musim panas nanti InsyaAllah akan ke………….(tak rancang lagi =p).

Route kami macam ni: Berlin-Prague-Budapest-Vienna-Salzburg-Munich-Berlin. Boleh saja nak tiru, tak kisah pun. =]

Kali ni peneman aku sama juga, si Arif tu. Sebab apa?

1.Kami tak pergi mana-mana musim sejuk tahun lepas. Aku buat praktikal emergency dan layan siri Korea Iris masa tu. Haha.

2.Kami dah habis exam dan praktikal on time dengan jayanya,alhamdulillah.

3. Kami tak homesick sangat nak balik Malaysia awal-awal.Ngeh3.

4. Kami sekepala, jenis yang tak banyak bunyi punya.=p

Sama juga masa di Switzerland dulu, kami ni main redah saja. Kiranya tak adalah perancangan rapi nak pergi ke mana, makan di mana, bas mana nak kena naik. Tapi hostel dah tempah awal-awal, kerana menjangkakan ia akan penuh pada musim panas. Bagi aku, main redah ni lagi best sebab tak terlalu terikat dengan plan dan lebih mencabar. Ambil saja peta di pusat pelancongan, cari sendiri tempat-tempat tu! Boleh bakar lemak sikit. Haha.Ada sesetengah orang suka rancang awal-awal, nak pergi sini sana, kena naik bas apa,metro nombor berapa, terpulanglah.

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